Our Business Approach

SPDI has an acute understanding of the dynamics of the South Eastern European economies. It has a long track record in successfully investing in and turning around property companies and real estate assets in the region, which coupled with a strong presence on the ground, and an extensive network of local experts, lies at the heart of SPDI’s approach to the region.

A hands-on-management approach to all aspects of the real estate business, led by its in-house local team in close co-operation with third party service providers and partners, creates value throughout the asset management and/or development processes. SPDI is capable of undertaking all aspects of project and asset management, such as design, master-planning, financing, construction, marketing and letting. With strict corporate governance rules (including full transparency and detailed reporting, heavy non-executive and independent board of directors, use of acknowledged and well respected third party advisers, etc.), the Company is guided by strong risk minimisation and cost control practices, tried and tested management procedures as well as frequent and detailed reporting schedules.

Our relationships with the various stakeholders that form our corporate culture are based on the following core values


we strive to generate value and results exhibiting honesty and integrity at all times


work collaboratively with all stakeholders to solve problems and achieve goals


maintain respectful relations with the stakeholders and the community


dedicated to the success of our shareholders, employees and stakeholders


be experts in our fields


provide to the stakeholders in-depth information

SPDI’s corporate values reflect less the “emerging economy” components of its business practices and more the “constitutional” component of its shareholding and corporate governance. They are clear, strong and guide everything we do from our on-going relationships with all stakeholders to our daily interactions with partners and team members across the organization. To nurture these values, we have made it our responsibility to ensure that everybody:

  • Understands the vision and mission.
  • Implements the strategy, as a priority.
  • Operates consistently with the Company’s corporate objectives.
  • Focuses on team performance and overall results.
  • Maximizes his or her contributions.
  • Minimizes risk, waste and distractions on a daily basis.